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26 July 2014


I’m a humble but very enthusiastic and passionate photographer that loves to read, write and simply do photography day in and day out. Unfortunately, reality does not allow you to do so every minute of the day, especially as my profession is somewhat different to a photographer… I’m an Account Manager in Marketing (sigh). But hey, I see it more like: I’m an Account Manager at day and a Photographer at night and weekends… But who knows what the future brings… never say never! ;-)

Right, why am I doing this blog then?

Well, for starters, I would love to share some of my thoughts, my discoveries in new techniques and of course, my work with all of you out there. All of you out there in the world, who is interested enough (or bored enough, which ever way around you see it) to read my blog.

Get a conversation going. Hear your thoughts on issues and topics around photography.

If you are anything like me, I can sit and read for hours, soaking up everything that interests me and excites me. For instances, a couple of months back, 8 months ago to be exact (pheeww…time flies) I started getting into landscape photography. Since then I cannot stop. I’ve read tons of books about it, multiple magazines and am simply fascinated by it. I experience pure joy when I see landscape images that have captured a moment so pretty and lovely that it can take your breath. Since then, I’ve tried several different techniques and travelled around England a bit as well to photograph some of England’s beautiful landscape – and believe me, there is plenty of that here. But sharing it with people that have the same passion will be new and exciting…

I hope you will enjoy my blog. Please feel free to leave any comments and let me know what you think. Am happy to read from you!


Magdalena Mahdy




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